Franson Show Stock
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Franson Show Stock



We've been looking for the buck to take us from making good sheep to great sheep. Well we didn't have to go far. One stop at Simpsons and we knew we wouldn't find one thicker, bigger bone, and correct throughout his skeleton. Not to mention that killer look from the side. This ram has all the parts to making those Champion wethers, and high end breeding pieces to keep us moving forward. Rumors dam is flush mate to Fear Factor and Dirty Dog. Owned jointly with Simpson Livestock



Raised by Wade Franklin
Owned by Viking Genetics





General X Twisted

We are very excited about Sinister, he is opened up in his lower skeleton, has a huge upper hip, a big foot, and has a ton of leg wool!

Generated from a bred ewe purchase from Hobbs! 
Owned with Hickey Livestock





On The Rocs

On The Rocs is a stout made ram that is standing on a huge foot. He's got a massive rack and carries that thickness over his loin edge to a wide pin set. We admire the thickness he carries down into his twist. We are excited for his babies to arrive March 2017!
Purchased from Ellerbrock Club Lambs

Sold to Flesner Club Lambs






A.I. Sire

Swagger x Miller

Owned by Maclennan Club Lambs




A.I. Sire

Shoot Yeah

Doc x Pablo

Owned By Harrell Club Lambs

Shoot Yeah





Resolution 0-350
Built x P3469

Purchased from Miller Hampshire
Owned with Triple J Club Lambs





Puma x Stud Duck A303

Stud Duck A303 was a twin sister to Ficticious' mother

Raised by Middlesworth Club Lambs

Owned by Hickey Livestock



Franson Show Stock

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